The Fourth First Day of School

10 10 2010

You asked for this, remember? Well, my mom and Niki did, anyway. It’s me, with my backpack and minivan, with my greasy hair and tired eyes, on my first day of school. (Obviously, I have done away with trying to make a good impression.)

Phew. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a month. I’m only taking one class this quarter, a basic drawing class, and I’m way more busy and stressed out with it than I was taking two classes during spring quarter.

One thing that has partially possessed me the past few weeks is my art portfoilo bag. It isn’t important, but sometimes I obsess about unimportant things. I debated about buying one of those big black portfolios, but then I thought, “Why don’t I make one?”

Thus commenced the drawing of plans:

And then sewing on the piping (which took years) and figuring out the pockets:

That’s the inside. Here’s the other half of the inside:

And the outside:

There are a few things I would do differently if there were to be a next time (which I’m sure there won’t–how many art portfolios does a person need, anyway?), but overall I’m happy with it.

I am re-committing to blogging! I just had to get that darn art-portfolio-monkey off my back . . .