Run away! Run away!

16 10 2010

Whenever I hear the word ‘retreat’, I am bodily injected into that scene from The Holy Grail when the rabbits are attacking (or is it the part where farm animals are being catapulted? I forget) and the knights are yelling at each other, “Run away! Run away!”

Okay, so it isn’t really bodily, but I always think of it. Always. Even last week, when I went to the [cue music] . . .

Northwest Writers’ Retreat.

Think of it: the ocean in front of you, trees behind you, and writers all around you. Add to that (and I say this with the knowledge you all know how desperately I love my children) two nights taking care of only myself. Pretty much heavenly.

I look forward to this retreat (run away! run away!) every year. It’s a time for me to be alone, to think, to fill my cup. It’s a time for me to talk to other writers, to listen to ideas, and to get ideas of my own. This year, it was also time for me to meet one of my favorite authors ever.

Janette Rallison.

Did you hear me? JANETTE RALLISON.

I first read one of her books, oh, probably eight years ago. I liked it.


To steal from Rainbow, I didn’t just like it, I lo-o-oved it.

Ever since, I have followed (and I mean that in the least-creepy form of the word) Janette’s career online, reading all her books as soon as I could possibly get my hands on them after¬†they were¬†published.

I’m sure you can imagine my ecstasy when I found out she was presenting at my retreat.

It was pretty much a dream come true for me.

Her presentations were great, the classes were wonderful, and I had a fabulous time.

Look at all these amazing ladies. How could I not?

And I’ll let you in on a little secret: Janette’s taller than she looks online. She’s also just as hilarious as her books are.

Until next year . . .

Facebook is Killing My Blog

16 10 2010

I talked to my mom on the phone today and felt guilty.

See, I update my Facebook status every day or two, depending on if I can think of anything entertaining to say. When I go to update my blog, I think, “Shoot, I just said that on Facebook. Except shorter.”

But my mom doesn’t do that Facebook stuff.

She deserves to know what’s going on, don’t you think? Yeah, me too.

So, it’s good-bye Facebook and hello blog.

(Well, maybe not “Good-bye” entirely. But cutbacks are certainly in order.)