Pumpkins with my Punkin

23 10 2010

It’s unfortunate this picture didn’t turn out better. If you look reeeally closely you can see Mount Rainier in the background. I was having a hard time juggling my camera and my redhead at the same time, so the ‘picture-perfect day’ was poorly captured.

Apparently, Colby is afraid of tractors, because the hay ride was an acute source of crawling-all-over-mom-while-saying-and-signing-‘all-done’. Which is why I have a couple of stiff arm pictures like this:

And this:

He cheered considerably once we were away from the tractor.

But still didn’t seem excited when his teachers gave him his own little pumpkin to take home. Big deal, I’m sure he was thinking. Not that I blame him, since this whole Halloween business is kind of crazy and confusing anyway. We went downtown to trick-or-treat at businesses today and I couldn’t help thinking how bizarre the whole thing is.

Sorry all you Halloween lovers out there. I’m completely lukewarm when it comes to Halloween. I don’t get into all the severed heads, dismembered hands, or bloody anythings. Carving pumpkins I’m on board with. Costume-making? Heck yes. Trick-or-treating? Not so much. Since when is it okay to go around and beg/gather candy from perfect strangers? Well, okay, since I was a kid. But still. “Don’t take candy from strangers” has its own safety campaign for goodness’ sake.

Anyway, as we were checking out with our farm stand produce, I noticed a chattering sound. It was kind of like white noise, but the longer I heard it, the creepier it became.


Hundreds of birds, “chatting,” apparently. I tried to snap a photo while waiting at the light. Apologies for the terrible exposure.

And speaking of Halloween, if you want to be completely creeped out you should watch Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds. My friend and I went on a Hitchcock kick in high school, and we watched it. I know all the arguments about movie soundtracks and sound effects increasing tension and all that, but I have to say I have never been more on edge than when the lady is walking down the upstairs hallway and it is dead silent. [Shiver.] Possibly a bit too real for my taste. (And I have never liked birds since.) So go watch it! And have a Happy Halloween!



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24 10 2010

Colby’s pictures are gorgeous here- the pumpkins next to his hair makes me smile!

I’m a halloween fan. I don’t need the gory, but I like the dressing up, and I thumbing my nose at the scary things in life. It’s a holiday to say “I’m not scared” and I can get behind that.

24 10 2010

Love the candy part. I was the kid that went as fast and as long as I could and my kids have caught the true spirit of the holiday as well. 🙂 Costumes? Meh.

25 10 2010
Mrs. Olsen

Booo! Halloween rocks Wendy! Candy, Costumes, safe creepiness with the perfect amount of scare…plus autumn leaves crunching, apple cider, and late nights high on sugar.

26 10 2010

Seeing all of birds on the wires reminds me of what my Grandma Madsen would say when we saw lots of birds resting on the lines: “the birds are having church”. Dad has broadened it with having them have Conference when there are huge numbers. Love the pictures of Colby and the pumpkins. Have a great Halloween.

26 10 2010

I’m with you, Wendy. Halloween has never been my favorite either. Cute pictures of Colby, though! We have big bird groups like that out here in Nampa too. I love it — especially when they all take off together.

27 10 2010

I’m a Halloween fan mostly because I love anything that gives me a chance to see my kids get so excited and share fun traditions with them. Now birds on the other hand, NOT a fan. I’m ok with the little ones who keep a cautious distance but those bigger birds who are FAR too comfortable around me? Eek.

1 11 2010

I saw Rainier first off, just so you know:)

1 11 2010

haha Aunt Elaine, I think I’ll have to tell my kids that from now on.
And I love Colby’s hair and hoodie with the pumpkins…a perfect match!

7 11 2010

High-five! I hate Halloween too! Hate it hate it hate it. Pumpkin-carving is fun, yes, but the rest?…. I don’t even love the costume thing like I should. At least this year I can blame it on pregnancy.
And thank goodness someone tipped me off once about the “Halloween Witchie” so I can at least spare myself the torture of little kids on sugar and food coloring highs. Leave your candy stash on the porch on Halloween night and she’ll take it – leaving some cheap toy in its place. Wahoo.

Fall is lovely. Nothing wrong with fall. Family-binding traditions are lovely, too. What do you think the odds are that we could convince the world to have a nice, low-key “fall holiday” instead of Halloween? Them that wants to can go door to door saying, “Check out this cute costume my mom made me!” and get compliments in return.
Yeah. Sounds good to me.

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