A Thursday at the Farm

29 10 2010

I got to go on a field trip with my favorite first grader yesterday.

(My favorite is the one on the left, although I’m pretty fond of the other one, too.)

It rained and was muddy and cold. Good thing we wore our boots.

┬áThe farm is run by my city’s museum. It’s an old homestead that was donated to the city and restored by the historical society. Rainbow, of course, was only slightly impressed. She’s been to Uncle Robert’s (kittens!) and Cousin Sarah’s (puppies!) farms, where they have more than just chickens and the barns are actually used to house animals.

┬áThis fact, however, did not dampen her enthusiasm when helping with the ‘chores’.

Fresh-pressed apple cider, anyone? Rae can hook you up.

We had such a great time.

[Side note: I posted on Facebook last week about how a ninja costume has been my easiest costume to make yet. Chatting with my brother later, I found that he had assumed Zack Attack was going as the ninja.

Not so.

This looks like a sweet face, but she can be deadly when she needs to.]