Pumpkins and Costumes and Candy (Oh, my!)

1 11 2010

I have decided I am the Halloween Grinch. I really don’t like Halloween much at all, and this year did nothing to change my opinion. Still, the kids had fun, so that’s all that matters, right?

The pumpkins:

The costumes:

Colby got a my-mom-tortured-me-by-stuffing-me-into-a-tiger-suit-last-year pass on the costuming. He was happy.

For our ward party,  I dressed up as a member of the ISU bowling team circa 1975. No one asked me what my costume was, and I’ve decided it must have been because:

1. It was such a great costume, no explanation was necessary.


2. I already dress so closely to an ISU bowling team member circa 1975 that no one realized I was dressed up.

(I’m afraid it’s number two.)

Good-bye until next year, Halloween! I won’t miss you!