What’s wrong with this picture?

2 11 2010

I know I said I was done with Halloween, but I had to post this.

Greg: look what I found in one of my kids’ backpacks!



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3 11 2010

Oh my. That’s just too much. I would have to show the teacher. Really. I’d have to!

3 11 2010

Maybe I’ve spent too much time looking at poorly spelt student work, but I don’t find anything too glaring with this, other than “RIP”. Just to make sure I’m clear, I checked this out at meriam-webster.com:

Definition of SPELT
chiefly British past and past participle of spell

El Jefe

4 11 2010

And here I thought it was only a grain.

4 11 2010

Aaah, so we got the British version. Colour I would have caught. Guess I need to read more British literature.

5 11 2010

Do they still use ‘spelt’ commonly in Britain? Answer me that, O Grammar King. Methinks it went out with ‘blest,’ ‘spilt,’ and the like in the ’50s. (Although I wouldn’t hesitate to use it in Scrabble and/or Boggle. It is, after all, a grain.)

7 11 2010

Maybe she stole it from a British workbook. Yyyyyyyeah.

7 11 2010

Maybe the spell checker likes grain?

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