I am in L-o-o-ove . . .

10 11 2010

. . . with this coffee table I scored at Goodwill:

And it was only $9.99! I love it when I’m in the right place at the right time.

Now all I need to do if figure out what color to paint it. White is always classic and would be versatile, but I’m kind of leaning toward something more fun. Red? Turquoise? What do you think?

Post Edit: Now I’m thinking orange . . .



9 responses

10 11 2010

I absolutaly love it. Paint it bright, I say.

10 11 2010

It looks like something out of the “Jetsons”. I can see it some cute retro color like robin’s-egg blue or whatever. Make it a nice bright accent color in your living room. Super cute!

10 11 2010

I’d go bright. That’s the awesome thing about paint, you can always paint over it.

10 11 2010

ohhhhhh RED! Nice!

10 11 2010

some pretty shade of blue

10 11 2010
Mrs. Olsen


14 11 2010

I love Robin’s egg blue too. You should check out Monica’s furniture blog for ideas. She refinishes all kinds of furniture. You can get to it from my blog.

29 11 2010

I’m voting for mustard yellow. My new fav. Can’t wait to see it!

26 12 2010

I’m so boring. My vote would be black if you have black accents going on in the room it’s going in.

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