14 11 2010

I have this memory tucked away close to my heart. It happened during my high school years, and it goes something like this:

We were watching the news one night while (before? during? after? Not relevant to this discussion) eating dinner. There was a special report on a couple of high school students, twins, who had recently taken the SAT and both aced it.

Sorry, I guess you can’t ace the SAT since you aren’t graded on it. They both got a perfect score: 1600.

So the anchorman (or -woman) said some interesting tidbit about them and where they both wanted to attend college then panned back to the twins. They gave each other one of the most awkward high-fives in the history of mankind (being that smart, you know their social skills had to suffer somewhat) and said, “Sixteen hundred!”

My brother Mike and I (where was the rest of the family? not part of this memory, sorry) busted up laughing. We still say “Sixteen hundred!” when giving each other high fives occasionally, but only if the situation is brilliant enough to warrant it.

┬áThis situation is only about 1/4 as brilliant as getting a perfect score on the SAT, but I’ll yell it out loud and proud just the same.

“Four hundred!”

That last post about how much I love my new coffee table was my 400th post.

“Four hundred!”

I almost can’t believe it, but then I think about those months where I did a tiny post everyday. Then I believe it.

“Four hundred!”

I noticed it was coming up a month or so ago, so I’ve been trying to think of a contest. However, since Mandy is so patiently waiting for her prize (and anyone that has such a stellar grasp of tampon packaging deserves a prize as I’m sure you’ll all agree) I have decided to wait until I get that sent off before starting another one. Besides, I’m still trying to figure out what it’s going to be.

But stay tuned. And leave any suggestions in the comments.

“Four hundred!”