A Great Day in the Middle of a Crazy Week

19 11 2010

This has been one of those weeks where every minute must be coordinated to ensure people are where they are supposed to be at the correct moment.

(I hate weeks like that.)

Due to some very good friends and neighbors, all my children were present and accounted for (well, accounted for, anyway) all week long.


In the middle of the muddle, we had a day. It is sometimes called Wednesday, and sometimes called my least favorite day.

This week, though, it was special. This week, Wednesday was also Rainbow’s day.

I can hardly believe it’s been seven years since this:

Looking at her today, you would never guess she’d been born with black hair.

It just went by so fast. Baby one minute —

or even shorter than one minute —

All-grown up the next.

She’s like Kettle Corn;

A perfect blend of salty and sweet.

(She designed that plastic bag dress romper herself. [Along with the facial expression.] So gifted!)

My dear, sweet Rainbow–thank you for your enthusiasm,

and your delight in all things ladybug. 

You make my life brighter by being in it. I love you! Wishing you a wonderful seventh year!