If Wishes were Fishes–

22 11 2010

 What I wish I was doing: Reading one of these books while wrapped up in a big quilt.


What I am actually doing: Drawing these books for a homework assignment I put off until the 11th hour. Drat you, Procrastination!

Post-Edit: My class was cancelled due to snow. Hooray! A reprieve! [Chanting to self: Don’t touch the books. Finish the homework.]



3 responses

27 11 2010
Mrs. Olsen

alright….let us know what you did. Post a book review or a picture for us, eh?

2 12 2010

oooooooooooooh Enna Burning. That’s a good one…..

6 12 2010

so funny that that is your temptation. I’m like should I read my scriptures or should I watch Psych? Should I eat those carrots or that chocolate. But my little reader Wanda must look away from the books. You’re just so cute.

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