Pinewood Derby the Last (at least for four years or so)

20 01 2011

Hot on the heels of my furniture re-makeover triumph comes a post chock-full of my ineptitude. The pendulum of greatness, it does swing.

So here’s the story. The pinewood derby was scheduled for Wednesday, and I thought, “What a great family home evening! The girls have always wanted to make pinewood derby cars. It will be perfect.”

In my mind, I saw us sawing and sanding and painting–with copious amounts of smiling and singing. Kind of like little elves.

In reality, I can’t use a coping saw for love or money. I had the kids draw out their designs on paper, then trace them on the car blocks. When the saw proved to be more than I could handle, I had this great idea to drill little pilot holes all along the car edges. The saw would cut through much more easily, right? Right.

It worked! Sort of.

If you could ignore the gigantic gouges throughout the car body, that is.

I discovered something, though. I work well with children. I work well with tools. But when you mix those together, I don’t work so well. A case of 2 + 2 = 3, if you get what I mean.

Since I was visiting Home Depot the next day for Plexiglas anyway, I picked up some sandpaper for the belt sander and worked on smoothing out the body while Zack was at school.

Β The car, Sonic Boom,Β was salvaged. It didn’t race particularly well (the weight placement needed to be different, I think), but it looked really cool. And that’s all that really matters, anyway, right?

Β Here’s a shot of Eden’s Blue Wave and Rainbow’s Rainbow Racer. Even though they didn’t get to race on the track (and probably wouldn’t have done very well if they had), they did get to participate in an extra game the troop had set up, where you pushed your car from the foul line and tried to get it closest to the basketball court boundary without going over it. Guess who won?



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20 01 2011

I’m so glad to see that carpenterial ineptitude might just be genetic. Or maybe it skips to every other kid (sorry Jeff, Wendy, and Mike). Greg and Sam seem to be doing okay (Ty’s results remain to be seen–wait–do you have aliases for all of your siblings, too?). You’re nothing if not persistent. Did Zach end up having a good time with it? If so, you’ve scored a gold ribbon regardless.

–El Jefe

20 01 2011

Do you know I ordered Jack a trophy with his name on it every year? He loves them. But maybe Zack isn’t into trophies….

I’m impressed that you took on that many car projects! Robert has enough trouble doing one at a time. Well, this year it will be two.


21 01 2011

I can’t take all the credit. Their dad helped on day 2.

21 01 2011
Mrs. Olsen

Sheesh. I hate creative messy projects that I have to clean. Way to go Wendy!

22 01 2011

You are the coolest mom, having the girls make one is very kind as I know it goes just like Mrs. Olsen described.

24 01 2011

Oh my lanta, I love that last picture. She’s so pleased with herself… and yet, so calm and collected… so cooooool… Well done, I say, well done!

25 01 2011

Wow! That’s all I can say, Wow!

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