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22 01 2011

I’ve been considering opening an Etsy shop. If you are unaware, Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods. You get your own shop, then pay the people who run Etsy a small fee for everything you sell. I’ve heard of people making pretty good money, but I’m still not entirely convinced that I could make anything people would want to buy.

I made this for my friend’s daughter.

What do you think? They are drawn on cardstock in ink, colored with colored pencil, and laminated. Velcro attaches them to the board and onto strips on the back when not in use. Each square is 2″ x 2″ and the background is 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″. Would you buy something like this for your daughter or would you (like me, I admit) just think, “I could make that,” and do it yourself? How much would you be willing to pay if you were, in fact, interested? Is $10 too much?

Please consider yourself the market I’m researching and reward yourselves accordingly.

Post edit: Here’s a shot of the back.



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22 01 2011

Super cute! I love it and I would probably buy it if my daughter had longer hair. Does a person get to ask for specific hair styles? That is just a question that comes up although I love the options you have (speaking from a marketing audience point of view).

23 01 2011

Yes, it’s completely customizable as to hair color, hair length, hair straightness, skin color, and hairstyles (to a certain extent–I tried to draw a French braid and it didn’t turn out). So, Mama Cheetah–how does the price strike you?

23 01 2011

Oh, I forgot that part. $10 is VERY reasonable. Handmaid, customizable. You may think of bumping it up a bit but I am not a business woman.

24 01 2011

Is it all attached to a large background? How many separate things would I have to hang on the wall? I think the price is very reasonable…by the time you subtracted materials it doesn’t seem that you’d be making much for your time. Of course, you are much more craft-talented than I; you could have it done in a lot less time than I could.

24 01 2011

$10 is completely reasonable… I’d probably pay $15-ish, too, if I thought it was on sale from $20. 😉 SUPER cute. I love it!

24 01 2011

That’s a really cute idea! I do reviews on my blog for a bunch of Etsy sites, and I’d say the $10 price point sounds good. How much would the supplies cost you? Is it only paper you’d have to be buying?

24 01 2011

I’m a friend of Mrs.Smith there, if you’re wondering who I am… 🙂 But as an etsy shop owner myself, there’s not a TON of money to be made by occasional listings. If you’re going to really do much earning you need to list daily, or even multiple times each day. Also take care to “tag” your items in creative ways to draw in more customers. Do some market research and see what’s out there on etsy. Another couple places to sell handmade things are artfire.com and zibbet.com. Ebay has a lot of fees for this category of things and each listing takes quite a bit of time. Feel free to ask me any questions. I don’t consider myself as being “successful” quite yet, but I do have 88 sales so I have some experience. By the way I ADORE your blog title. Seriously. I had to click on it because it was so intriguing. If you make your etsy items as interesting I’m sure you’ll have success! And no, $10 is not too much, though you may consider working up to your ideal price while establishing a customer base and feedback.

24 01 2011
Mrs. Olsen

Make sure there’s a pocket on the back so you can keep your other cards and not lose them. I’m also wondering if buyers might want a Monday-Friday chart that they could fill out all at once for school. But maybe wouldn’t work if you are repeating hairstyles. Just a thought.

I think it’s a very cute gift.

24 01 2011

HBA–There are two strips of velcro on the back to put the extra hairstyles. It is a half-sheet of paper, so it isn’t too big. I think it would fit well in a bathroom drawer.

Ashley–thanks for visiting my blog! The supplies are the cardstock, velcro, and the lamination film.

Beth–Thanks for all the info. I definitely will have to do more research, especially on the multiple listing stuff. Is that so you come up more often when people get to the site?

Mrs. Olsen–I thought about a pocket, but decided on the velcro instead. Updating the post with a picture now.

25 01 2011

Hmmm. First off it’s VERY cute. And I could see myself needing something like this because I am often beating myself over the head wondering what to do with my daughter’s hair. I am always looking for ideas. Having said that, I think this is for the super organized. I could see my daughter removing all the tags and losing them. Which would deter me from purchasing. And since it’s her hair I’d be reluctant to place it out of her reach. But it’s so dang cute I’d consider it again. Like I said, Hmmmm. The price is right on in my opinion. ( As a consumer) How long does it take you to whip one of these out? Are you considering your time in the price?

25 01 2011

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but this product has no practical application for me whatsoever, so $10 would be about right.

–El Jefe

26 01 2011

I love this idea! My Anna could use one. I think $10 is a great deal. Are you going to digitize it all so you don’t have to draw it every time? You might want to consider selling just the .jpg. Then mom’s can print and cut at home. You could sell it for $5-$7 and only have to do the work once. plus, no shipping (we all hate trips to the post office, right!) just email it. I bought a photo off of etsy

26 01 2011

Woops, pushed publish too soon. Anyways, the etsy girl just emailed me the photo .jpg that day, it was way fast and easy. I think you should do it! I haven’t seen this idea anywhere in blogland. You are on to something! How fun!!

1 02 2011

You are so talented. I think $10 seems good and no, I couldn’t make it myself. My stick figures have terrible hair.

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