Accelerated Reader!

28 01 2011

There are some great things about the AR Assembly.

Seeing Eden excited (and wearing the sparkly skirt I made for her thankyouverymuch) about her reading trophy is fantastic.

And so are the Jesus sightings!

Happy weekend, everyone!



7 responses

28 01 2011

I’ll bet He was excited for her wearing the sparkly skirt and getting an award, too 😉

29 01 2011

After I laughed hard for about five minutes I said, “That really is amazing! He looks just like Jesus!” AWESOME.

30 01 2011

Stephen once had a drunk guy on the Subway come up and have an animated conversation with him. It wasn’t until the man asked Steve if he would forgive him his many sins that he realized the man thought he was Jesus.
I guess Jesus sightings could make you happy for lots of reasons.
P.S. Steve DID forgive him his sins 🙂

31 01 2011

LOL!! and Congrats on the awesome accelerated reader and sparkly skirt 😀

1 02 2011

I am glad that Jesus appreciates a good reader. I always had a hunch that he did.

P.S. LOVE the skirt. Way to go Eden!

6 02 2011

Wow, just wow. What is he wearing because it totally looks like Jesus attire.

7 02 2011

Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha! Whew! *gains composure* way to go Eden!

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