Going Public

13 02 2011

I wrote a new post for the ANWA Founder and Friends blog today, found here.

To some of you, it may come as a shock. I’ve avoided talking about it, as it’s an extremely painful subject for me, but I think I’ve reached the point.

It’s time.

Otherwise, I wanted to share a little Valentine Rainbow made during family home evening last week:

Have a happy Sabbath.



9 responses

13 02 2011

Lots of bunnies love you, Wendy! We sure do.

13 02 2011

So well written, but you forgot to add “many, many, many people look up to her, and she’s pretty much the bomb.”

Really, though. Well written. You’re my hero.

13 02 2011

Kristen–thanks! And thanks for the bread tags–I got them today.

Rae–you are sweet. I don’t know if anyone has called me the bomb before. Thank you.

14 02 2011

You forgot to mention you’re Super Marvelous Outstanding and Original. 🙂 But truly we Smoos love you and are sending hugs your way!!

14 02 2011

Oh, Ina–I had forgotten the acronym! I can’t believe it. Love you, too!

14 02 2011

Ya know I probably would have read the blog more had I known it was you posting. I mean I AM a fan of yours you know. I’d like to know where I can find more of your writing so thank you for informing us,”little people” 😉

15 02 2011

Monique–I am on every other Sunday, if that helps. Glad to be of any service to my “fans.”

16 02 2011
Mrs. Olsen

Wendy-You are tougher than you know. I’m so sorry for this unexpected transition in your life! Good things are ahead for you…you are a bright shining star!

22 02 2011

You continually impress me. You are a total “class act”. (Wasn’t that Hemming’s favorite accolade?)

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