The Valentine’s Treats that Weren’t

15 02 2011

I had the tags all made.

 But after this (cough-twice-cough):


I have decided to save the tags for next year.



7 responses

16 02 2011

Aw, sorry! That happened to my fudge this Christmas 3 times. And I’ve never had a fudge failure. It’s so frustrating! At least you are way ahead for next year! 🙂

16 02 2011

Hm. Why do I suspect your kids enjoyed the spoils? One man’s failure is another man’s windfall.

16 02 2011

The exact reason I have not attempted peanut brittle for many years. Sorry about that!

16 02 2011
Mrs. Smith

Still laughing… Which with a sore throat is a real sacrifice, mind you. I’m sure they’ll work out better next year. 😉 And hey! You’re one step ahead!

17 02 2011

The tags are cute. You coulda just handed those out…

18 02 2011

It was a great thought, and it’s the thought that counts!

22 02 2011

Kitchen failures make me MAD. I give you props for even attempting a homemade treat.

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