Ironically Interesting

27 02 2011

Tomorrow is the last day of February.

I find that a little ironic.

February, even though it has the fewest days of any month, is really the longest month in existence. Winter is still holding everyone by the throat. The cold and snow isn’t fun anymore–we crossed that line right after New Year’s.

But when I look at the calendar and see March sparkling and beckoning like a pot o’ gold under a rainbow, I still think, “Wait. What happened to February?”

It’s not like I’m going to miss February. February is cold and dark and bitter. March, while still being those things sometimes, is also sunny sometimes. And it isn’t nearly as dark. (Wait. Is that the same thing? No. I’m talking about day length here.) Occasionally it even warms up past 50 degrees.

But still. March means paying the mortgage. It means I didn’t quite get everyone visited on my list. It means infusions.

I will admit that’s what I dread the most, even though the kids seem to be fairly okay with it. No whines of desperation, no trying to talk me out of it. Maybe they don’t actually know it’s this week. Or it hasn’t sunk in yet.

Either way, farewell to February. Here’s wishing you all a marvelous March!