One, Two, Skip a Few

4 03 2011

It starts when your kindergartener comes up to you with that mischievous look in their eye. The one that says I’m going to pull one over on Mom big time and it’s going to be SO awesome.

Then they say, “Hey, Mom, guess what. I can count to 100.”

Before you can act impressed (because, really, who taught them to count to 100 in the first place? Yeah, that’d be you) they launch into the punchline: “One, two, skip a few, ninety-nine, one hundred!”

Then comes the smile. The one that beams and glows and says, “Laugh at my brilliance! Tell me how clever I am!”

And of course, you do. Because you’re a mother and you know that even though this child’s older sibling made the same joke a couple of years before, that doesn’t change the fact that they are brilliant and clever.

(Sorry the picture is so light. Apparently I need to either get a scanner or start working in ink. This is Rainbow on day 2.)

This week, Zack and Rainbow had their infusions. Yesterday was the last day of treatment, and it ended up being the worst of the three. I held Rainbow in my arms while she cried and said, “I just wish I could skip this day.”

I hugged her and stroked her head and said, “I know, sweetie. But you can’t. You have to finish the treatment so it can work.”

It made me think of the times when I have wished I could just “skip a few.”

Sometimes when things hurt too much, I want to skip a few.

Sometimes when I don’t do things right or I don’t feel like I’ve been a good enough mother or I don’t know what the week/month/year ahead is going to be like or my children are being extra fill-in-the-blank, I want to skip a few.

But, as with Rainbow, skipping a few is not an option. In order for things to “work” I have to live every day.

In order to become the person I’m supposed to be, the few I’d rather skip have to be lived through.

And, hey, when we’ve lived through a “few,” that’s what makes the great days stand out–the tasting of the bitter lets us prize the sweet. Looking at it that way, the things we want to skip are actually a gift.

Now to figure out how to remember that when we’re in the middle of a skip-worthy day . . .



5 responses

5 03 2011

Beautifully written! Love this.

5 03 2011
Mrs. Olsen

Hang in there. I wish I could skip a few (meaning the last month of pregnancy) and get this thing over and done with.

I don’t know how many treatments your kids have to do…but I wish you all good luck and good health!

5 03 2011

You make me feel grateful.

5 03 2011

That would have broken my heart to hear my daughter ask to “skip this day.” You are great example to your children to accept the hard days and try to graciously accept them as a gift. I hope everything goes well with these infusions. Luv ya.

21 03 2011

Such a beautiful post. I really love how your mind works. Thank you for sharing the bitter and the sweet. You are the best.

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