That’s What Friends are For

8 03 2011

Who can you call and ask to spend three hours of their Saturday wrapping you in duct tape in order to make one of these?

(The tutorial┬ásays two hours, but it actually took us closer to three. And even though I’m young and hardy, I was still getting light-headed by the end–which is why I didn’t get a picture of myself while wearing the duct tape dress. I probably should have stuck with it another few minutes to get the photo because, really, how often are you wrapped completely in duct tape? Wait. Don’t answer that.)

Who else can you call to rescue you from a hair emergency when you accidentally swipe your head on the bottom of your duct-tape dress form while you’re filling it with expanding foam and you realize that, yeah, long hair might not really be your thing but you’re still pretty attached to it?

That’s right: friends.

Thank you, friends!