Ze Hair

11 03 2011

This post is mostly for my mom’s viewing pleasure.

I am kind of a flunky when it comes to my kids’ appearances. I let them pick any clothes they want (and it often shows) and I let my daughters cry off of the daily hair brushing because I just don’t haveĀ it in me to win that battle. I figure they’ll eventually realize, “Hey! My hair looks a lot better when I brush it!”

That’s probably the wrong attitude and definitely something I need to do better.

Another thing I don’t push too hard is Zack’s hair. I’ll offer to cut it when I think it’s getting too shaggy. He generally declines my offer. Frankly, we have enough tension between us about other issues that the hair becomes a non-issue.

I mentioned on the family chat last week that he finally condescendedĀ to let me give him a trim. I said, “He hasn’t let me cut it since we in Idaho last summer.” That was almost seven months ago. A clamoring for pictures was raised. I haven’t gotten one of the after, but I did find this one of before.

Incredibly handsome, even with the flowing locks.

The problem with cutting your hair when it’s been so long is the attention. Zack doesn’t mind attention, but the kind of attention when people say, “Hey, Zack! You cut your hair! It looks great!” is not the kind he likes. I did mention if he would allow his hair to be cut more often, people wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it. I’ll let you know in a month if he was convinced.