16 03 2011

Remember that teeny tiny baby in my last post? This is him today–or Monday, if you want to get technical:

Still a bundle of cuteness, albeit a bundle of cuteness in a spica cast due to a femur fracture. Poor guy.

The cousin trip was a complete success, and Kathleen and I vowed to do it more often. As usual I was too busy visiting to take many pictures, so you’ll have to imagine the Wii-playing, hamster-wrangling, track-building, bean-shifting, crazy-string-shooting, angry-bird-making good time we had.

Oh, but I’ve still got the angry birds, so I can take a photo.

Just kidding–Eden took them to school.


Come back later and I’ll update.



2 responses

21 03 2011

I’m really going to need to see these homemade angry birds you speak of. Also, my ovaries thank you for posting this follow up picture. While adorable, he serves to remind me that tiny, cuddly babies grow up into fully functioning children and I’ve already got plenty of those.

21 03 2011

Yes, we must get together more often! Oh, the yellow bird is a triangle with the 4th piece as the bottom. I just finished some little pigs and the big green bird. The kids played live angry birds after church yesterday…so much fun!

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