What is this thing called Spring?

24 03 2011

Spring is going to a park and contemplating its delights like a starving man at a Chuck-o-Rama.

Spring is practicing jumping off of rocks.

Spring is closing one eye because your mom is doing the same thing with her camera that is suddenly in your face while you’re trying to play.

Spring is bright green grass and bright orange hair (pretend that grass isn’t fake).

Spring is thoroughly investigating the merry-go-round . . .

. . . and even cautiously experimenting with it.

And spring is running,



Spring is sunshine on our faces after a long, dark winter.

Thank you, spring. You’re welcome anytime.

(Like today. Seriously, rain. Come again another day.)



6 responses

24 03 2011

Love those pictures of him running!

24 03 2011

Too cute. Do you dress him in orange a lot? I dress my ginger in orange a lot.

24 03 2011

You are such a great photographer. I am jealous of your weather – my first spring here was the spring I missed Seattle the most. It just seemed to NEVER come our first year here – now I’m used to it – but ENJOY the moderate weather. We got snow today – oh wait, it’s still snowing.

24 03 2011

Melissa–Yes, I dress him in orange a lot. Having a redhead is so much fun!

Niki–I am properly chastened and will not complain any more about the rain. Have fun sledding!

24 03 2011

love, Love, LOVE this post! We miss you guys and can’t WAIT to see you next weekend!

25 03 2011

We are really looking forward to seeing you next week for the whole week! Hopefully your spring weather will have touched us here in Rexburg. Still lots of snow and it is snowing now. Great pictures of Colby and I can tell he is loving being outside. Can’t wait to see all of you.

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