Where has all the mojo gone?

16 05 2011

I wrote that title, thinking of a song those words fit into (name that tune!), when I realized I didn’t even know what the word “mojo” meant. I thought it meant “desire” or “ability” or “get-up-and-go.” Being the word nerd I am, I turned to the ever-trusty merriam-webster.com. (A nice feature is the long list of rhyming words after the definition. You know, in case you’re writing song lyrics or really bad poetry. [By the way, “mojo” rhymes with “bateau.”])

What it actually means is “magic.” Well, it means “a magical spell, hex, or charm; broadly : a magical power”. 

My question now is this–do I consider my writing/blogging a magical power?

[Several hours later . . . ]

Zack broke his foot last Saturday. He jumped off the back of a pickup truck bumper and landed wrong.

We’ve spent all day today bouncing from one doctor’s office to another, getting x-rays and entertaining Colby while we sit in waiting rooms.

We haven’t had a break in awhile; I kind of forgot (or supressed) how tiring and energy-sucking it can be. My computer is also trying to die, but I’m not letting it. So . . . I guess I’ll get back to you later.

P.S. Wouldn’t a bone-fixing super power be more useful?



3 responses

16 05 2011

Oh no, poor Zach. Poor you! I should bring you guys a care package with a couple cans of silly string. (: That sure helped cheer Ian.

17 05 2011

The crutches look more effective than the horse stick was. ALthough, not as cool!

21 05 2011

😦 Sorry to hear about your guy. I hope all is healing well. Oh and as far as the magic question, I think it’s always magical to create something beautiful:)

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