Mothers’ Day Spoilage

19 05 2011

(I’m sticking with the “better late than never” adage. It should probably be considered my life’s motto.)

I thought about calling this post “Mothers’ Day Booty,” but I changed my mind since I don’t allow my kids to use that word. It’s one thing when we’re talking about pirate’s booty (or Pirate’s Booty), but when my six-year-old daughter starts talking about “shaking her booty,” well, I draw the line.

However, beyond the semantics, I must say I was incredibly spoiled by my kids on Mothers’ Day. In fact, I’d probably go so far as to say it was one of my favorite Mothers’ Days ever, but that might be colored by the fact that I wasn’t around my kids for most of April.

Everyone piled into my bed and showered me with the presents they’d made.

Zack made me breakfast . . . and even remembered the red plate.

Colby drew a picture of me (wearing orange! Also wrapped in orange! I’m trying to figure out if he knew my favorite color; it’s possible he’s more observant than I realize). On the back he filled in these blanks (with the help of his teacher):

My mother’s name is mama.

My mother is number years old.

My mother’s favorite food is pizza.

My mother likes to computer.

So sweet.

Rainbow, who had been DYING all week to tell me about her gift, finally got to give it to me.

She has the same first grade teacher that Eden had, so now I have two little readers. And Rainbow gets to be bigger than Eden for once. Rainbow also drew and colored a picture for me that’s “as big as her desk.”


Eden had the same excitement as Rainbow all week about the gifts she was giving me. Every day she’d ask, “Why don’t you just open one of your presents?” She bought me a pink glass teddy bear with a red crystal heart at the student store; she made me some Jones Family hand soap in Activity Days; she colored five coupons for hugs, kisses, chores, and babysitting; and she made me some pipe cleaner sculptures.

Mothers’ Day goodness carried over into church. The kids did a fantastic job singing “Mother, I Love You” in Sacrament Meeting. Two of my former Young Women spoke–one was leaving on a mission and one was returning. The youth served us dessert at the end of church, and I got roses and pictures from my kids after Primary.

A friend invited us over for dinner after church, and then we went to an open house after that. All in all, it was a great day spent with people I love–and I didn’t have to cook!

I am so blessed.

Seriously, who could get a picture like this and not think they are blessed beyond measure?

I get a little choked up every time I look at it. (Drawing by Eden.)



9 responses

19 05 2011
Changing Lifestyles

Great post thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed today’s article. Nice job!

19 05 2011

I love your hair, and your one eye. The other one is focused on your beautiful daughter.

19 05 2011

Sounds like a dream come true! You deserve it all -hope everything else is going well!

20 05 2011

Great post Wendy. I’m glad you were home for Mother’s Day. The pictures are great. What great gifts you received. Give those sweet kids a great big kiss and hug from Grandma. I love all of you.

20 05 2011

So sweet. I treasure all of my Mother’s Day gifts over the years.

Okay, I’m confused. Do you have a six year old daughter? If so, I’m off a year. I was thinking she was 7……

20 05 2011

Dina–Sorry. Bad writing on my part. Eden came home saying it when she was six, so it’s been banned since then.

20 05 2011

Got it. I kept counting in my head…

21 05 2011

Wow! That was a lot of Bo- I mean great stuff! I especailly love that your little Colby is already wise and knows not to mention a womans age. Smart guy!:)

24 05 2011

Your kids are awesome. I’m glad you received the spoiling you deserve!

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