Alice Wannabe

24 05 2011

I’ve been making a dress for, well, months. I’ve had to unpick all sorts of seams and redo entire sections. It was okay, though, because I really wanted it to turn out.

I finally finished the hem on Saturday, so I wore it to church on Sunday. I looked at myself in the mirror as I was getting ready. “Hmm. A little waitressy,” I thought.

Rainbow came in and said, “Is that your dress? It looks good.” She paused, cocking her head to one side while she considered. “It makes you look like a cooker.”

I turned back to the mirror and saw this:

Not that I don’t like Alice–I love Alice. I just don’t necessarily want to look like her.

I soldiered on, however. I was wearing the dress, so help me.

Let me show you what $10 in materials and 40 hours in labor can buy:


I was kind of hoping when I looked at this picture (taken with the camera on the piano) that I would seem less Alice-y. Fat chance.

My hair is cooler than Alice’s. I guess that’s some consolation.




11 responses

24 05 2011

Alice only wishes she looked so good. I love it & I’m super impressed with your skills.

24 05 2011

In the first picture you can’t see the pinstripe on the fabric. The dress is adorable. I think it is great you made something for yourself. I don’t dare. Also, love the orange accent of the jewelry!
Did you do it from a pattern? if so, what pattern did you use?

24 05 2011

It looks super cute on you!

24 05 2011

Well, I think you’re “cookin'” in that dress…way cute. I like the pin stripes and accent jewelry also. If you stay away from white aprons, you’re in good shape. I believe there is no end to your talents!

24 05 2011

Your hair grows crazy fast! I can’t believe you are such a great seamstress. I can’t even put the thread on my machine. Talented AND super growth hair!

25 05 2011

Thanks for your dress story and pictures. You look great in your dress and I can’t believe how fast your hair has grown. LIke the orange with the blue, you are a true BSU fan. But no one in WA will make that connection. I love you.

25 05 2011

You are so cute!

25 05 2011

Aw, thank you all. You are too kind. REALLY.

Melissa–It’s Simplicity 2403. When in doubt, size up. I had to add some to the waistband and it was a huge pain. Also, if I make it again I’m going to shorten the sleeves. (It does have another, frillier option in the pattern.) In the first picture it’s too far away to see but I rolled/cuffed the sleeves once because elbow-length is a bit unflattering on me. Also, I’d take some of the fullness out of the cap, since the effect ended up being slightly too leg-o’-mutton for my taste.

25 05 2011

Love the pin striping! I wouldn’t have thought that about it. It’s nice.

28 05 2011

You are such an edgy Alice. I like the orange jewelry with it too and it is adorable. I wish I knew how to do that – I could make a dress that actually reached down to my knees.
did you use the manequin you made?
so talented. Oh, how far you have come from our 4-H sewing days. POP QUIZ – what are the 4 H’s???

5 08 2011

You look much better than Alice and probably get much more done than she does in one day. The pictures of your family reunion are awesome. The pictures of the kids are great too. You really have a great talent. I was great to see you and the kids at the reunion. Don’t get to see you often enough.
Take care of yourself and your family. You are cherished by all.
I thinks the neighbor boy did the peanuts.

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