15 06 2011

It’s pretty sad when I have to look at my own blog to remember what my last post was.

Dear Blog,

Sorry you’ve had to suffer such neglect. I’ll try to do better.



I tried to write a post Monday morning. Nothing was coming together, though. Thought about posting about cupcakes and my garage sale, but I almost put myself to sleep drafting it.

Right. When you fall asleep while writing a blog post, something’s missing.

Yesterday was one of those days where I had dovetailed my schedule into fifteen minute increments to ensure I got everything done that I needed to do and everyone where they needed to go when they needed to be there.

Those high-flying plans were derailed by eight o’clock when the big kids did NOT catch the bus and Rainbow was NOT feeling well enough to go to school. I rolled with it, though. (School’s out on Monday–hooray!) Drove Zack and Eden to school, got Colby ready and fed before his bus. Sigh. Wait–that should say “Fist pump!” instead.

I have been watching the neighbor boy this week, since he goes to private school and got out last Friday. (Too bad we aren’t Catholic.) He and Rainbow played video games (how well aren’t you feeling, Rainbow?) while I mowed the lawn.

I went out of town last week to visit my parental units in Idaho (it was completely lovely). I hadn’t got the lawn mowed before I left, so now I faced a good two or two-and-a-half weeks of spring grass growth.

I don’t mind mowing the lawn. In fact, out of all the yard work-type┬áchores I have, I like it way more than weeding and only slightly less than planting flowers. [Insert chart of my yard work preferences here.]

After only once around the yard I was ready to dump the clippings. I opened the gate at the bottom of the yard, stepped through it, and started to cry.

You see, several weeks ago it was an awful Wednesday evening. Drizzly and completely miserable. Naturally, that was the date the priesthood were going to come and do a service project in my yard. The first brother from the Elders’ Quorum showed up. I said to him, “You really don’t have to do this today. Honest. We’ll be all right.”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’ve worked in worse.”

I took him to the back yard to show him what I needed help with. “These three bushes are kind of dead. Do you think we can get rid of them?” I was thinking we’d have to figure out how to back a pickup truck down there and yank them out with a chain. He leaned over one, gripped it by the trunk, and heaved it out.

Wow. Thank you, Elders’ Quorum!

A couple of other gentlemen showed up, and I apologized for the crummy weather (because, obviously, it’s my fault). They just shrugged. “We’ve been working in it all day.”

I sketched out briefly (because I wanted to go inside and get out of the cold rain) what I needed help with. They fired up their power tools and went at it.

So, yesterday when I went to throw out the grass clippings, I started to cry because they had sawn and cut and chopped a four-foot barrier behind my fence.

The yard backs up to a green belt, and I’ve been battling blackberry bushes for years. They climb fences, tangle in trees, and generally make life miserable with their gigantic thorns.

The blackberries are subdued.

The small tree sprung from a root in the middle of the grass is gone.

The overhanging branches are cut back.

The broken hinge on the gate is fixed.

The dead bushes are gone.

The burden of things that I wanted to do, of things I knew needed doing but couldn’t quite accomplish, was lightened.

I am not surprised by goodness in people; I know too many who do so much to doubt that. I am simply humbled by that goodness being directed toward me, when there are so many others that need so much.

Priesthood brethren, I love you. Thank you for your goodness.