The Mystery of the Peanut Circle

22 06 2011

A couple of days ago, I came home only to find a pile of unshelled peanuts on the front walk. I’d estimate there were about twenty or so in the pile, which was centered directly in a circle on the corner of the walk. Last year, I’d had a pot of flowers there, and here in the northwest we grow stuff even on our aggregate concrete. The spot where the pot had sat was several shades lighter than the surrounding concrete. So here was this pile of peanuts, right in the circle. “What’s with the peanuts?” I thought.

The next day, as I herded the children out the door to the dentist’s office (I know how to start the summer with a bang!), the peanuts were still there, sitting in their circle. The neighbor boy, who has been coming over during the day for a couple of weeks because his regular babysitter had a family emergency, saw them and said, “What’s with the peanuts?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “But we’ve got to go or we’re going to be late.” Even as I said that, though, I was thinking to myself, “I’m going to take a picture of those there peanuts for my blog.”

After an enjoyable time at the dentist (no cavities for anyone!), we went to Sam’s Club (which was not my brightest idea ever, but we survived). The kids piled out of the car while I planned out Operation Grocery-Put-Away, when Neighbor Boy said, “Hey! The peanuts are gone!”

Sure enough, other than two stray peanuts sitting outside the circle, the peanuts had disappeared.

Now that I’ve gone out there and taken the picture, I see there are three peanuts left. Sorry, my mistake.

So, Dear Readers, I have a few questions with which I need help.

Who put those peanuts there to begin with?

Secondly, why? Is it some sort of bizarre peace offering from the neighbor children?

And, once someone put the peanuts there for whatever reason they had, where did they go?

It may always remain a mystery, but I welcome your best guesses.






4 responses

22 06 2011
Mr. Smith

And, if it was a peace offering, does the peanuts’ withdrawal mean the peace offering has been revoked, or may soon be? Only time will tell.

22 06 2011

No good guesses here…but I’m waiting for a comment from one of your brothers about aliens. Doesn’t your address go with an old show about that? Sounds like a fun summer investigation.

23 06 2011

Had to be aliens. It’s always aliens. Right?

25 06 2011

I’m glad HBA has such a high opinion of her brothers-in-law. Definite crop circle, but adapted to the city, so…an asphalt circle.


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