Divas All

31 07 2011

Apparently, the depth of my love is shown in the number of pictures I post of you on my blog. And they also have to be a full headshot. Who knew my brothers were such divas?

Technically, this isn’t just Greg alone, but the focus is clearly on him. And his s’more.

I’m pretty sure toasting the perfect marshmallow is prerequisite for working at Fish and Game.

Also, don’t get between Sam and his Taco Time food. It isn’t wise.

Love you all, mis hermanos.


For J.D.

29 07 2011

Miguel wanted his own picture. So I’m giving him his own post.

(I know. Overachiever.)

Now, does anyone else want their own post?


It’s Just Hard

29 07 2011

I determined that today I would post something on my blog. I’ve been back from my mega-vacation almost a week, after all. I should be through the post-vacation laundry coma by now, right?


So I started looking through my pictures to see what interesting thing I had to say.



Except I look at these pictures

and they make me happy and sad at the same time.


because I have more fun with my family than with anyone else.


because it’s going to be months before we’re together again.

I guess I’ll have to save my interesting thing to say for another day.  Thanks, family, for being so awesome.

A Riddle

14 07 2011

What do you get when you mix a 100-foot slip and slide, fireworks, Idaho-themed t-shirts, fireworks, Jedi training, Death Star vanquishing, candy, Rexburg Rapids, shrinky dinks, S’mores, egg launching, pyrotechnics, a photo contest, games, a fabulous lemon birthday cake, slides, and quiche? Not to mention thirty of my favorite people (and four very nice strangers)?

You get a totally rockin’ family reunion, that’s what.