It’s Just Hard

29 07 2011

I determined that today I would post something on my blog. I’ve been back from my mega-vacation almost a week, after all. I should be through the post-vacation laundry coma by now, right?


So I started looking through my pictures to see what interesting thing I had to say.



Except I look at these pictures

and they make me happy and sad at the same time.


because I have more fun with my family than with anyone else.


because it’s going to be months before we’re together again.

I guess I’ll have to save my interesting thing to say for another day.  Thanks, family, for being so awesome.



6 responses

29 07 2011

I can completely and totally relate to that feeling. The same thing happened a few days ago when we video-chatted with Mr. Smith’s family. Love them. Miss them. Bittersweet. The end.

PS: Dude! I can comment here via my facebook id? Wowzers!

29 07 2011

Hmmm…..I should post something too. Thanks for the kick in the butt:0

29 07 2011

So Jeff is the only brother that deserves his own picture? Harsh.

Otherwise, a great post and great pictures!

30 07 2011

These pictures are gorgeous. You’re become an amazing photographer! I wish you were closer (again & again & again) so I could get tips. The picture of your dad looking at your mom needs to be blown up & framed.

31 07 2011

Mrs. Smith–I know I should be grateful that only 13 hours separates me from my family, not a whole ocean! Of course, everyone wants to make the trip to visit you, so that must make up for some of it, right?

Mandy–the light was PERFECT that night. I don’t think it was my photog skills alone. But still, I’d love to have a camera tutorial with you sometime.

10 08 2011

So glad that I got to see you during your mega-vacation. Can I just say what an amazing smile you have!?! You are right you do have an awsome family… and the happy sad does hit home. We love you and wish you the best!

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