Angry Bird Picture and Tutorial Link

7 08 2011

Seriously, folks, it’s been a week.

But . . . it’s over. Some of my support people are back, my lesson is over and done with, and the cupcakes were approved.

I’m trying hard to get back into a blogging groove (because blogging is grooovy), which will include before and after pictures of the living room/dining room redesign. Except I have to actually finish the projects first, so I’m making no promises as to timeline. Howsoever, I did finally finish an old project this week.

The kids are clamoring for more, so they’ve been put in the project line (the angry birds, not the kids). I will admit the idea of having lots of these to catapult toward some sort of box structure with several pigs hiding inside is quite appealing, even to me. And I am a stuffed-animal GRINCH.

Find the pattern and tutorial here, at Obsessively Stitching. It’s a great blog–I can’t wait to look at more of her stuff. 

(I love that you can’t even tell in the picture that the wall behind has primer slopped on it. I heart a shallow depth of field!)




3 responses

7 08 2011

I LOVE it! Angry birds is so fun… And to throw them around for real would be awesome! Fun times at your house.

7 08 2011

They look great! We should gather our kids and pigs and birds and have some fun. (:

19 08 2011

And they were, like, $15 each at walmart here! Dude! My kids will be stoked. I think I might have to stop everything else going on in my life and make these.
Except that might be a bad idea.
We’d have fun, though. 😀

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