A Week Wherein I Actually Used My Camera

27 08 2011

My worms. For some reason, this was the preferred method for listening to the Family Home Evening lesson. Not that I’m complaining–the poking gets cut down significantly when there are no arms.

We went to the Thompson’s for a cousin sleepover this week. Much laughing, playing, fighting, cooking, and crafting ensued. (What we lacked most was sleep.) This picture is of Kathleen and six of our combined eight kids at a dock, looking in the ocean for sea creatures.

Look! It’s corn! I think it’ll be ready by next week or so.

My community garden spot has been muy fabuloso this season. I have turned into that one lady that brings squash to church and tries to get everyone to take it.

I’m still plugging away at my room re-do. The rug came this week (my splurge) and it looks fantastic. Now I just need to get some furniture–

One more week of summer before school starts. Then I might start blogging again on a more consistent basis.





4 responses

27 08 2011

Oh no-I never pictured you as the squash lady. Give it up soon.

27 08 2011

I actually love it when people bring produce to church and share. We got a whole bag of cherries about a month ago. They were gone within hours.

28 08 2011
Shaunna in Federal Way

Send the suash to me! I was just saying today that I was disappointed that no one shared theirs with me today!

28 08 2011

That corn looks awesome!
So glad you could come up for a sleepover. We’ll have to do it again (:

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