The Second Week of School

13 09 2011

Everyone does those first day of school pictures, right? B-o-o-o-ring. Well, I’m shaking things up a bit here at the earwaxtasteslikecrayons blog. Because I’m cool like that.

And because I also accidentally deleted the first day of school pictures from my memory card.

Go, Mom!

Zack started middle school this year. The transition is going well, if I can believe Zack’s assertion that all the girls want to hug him.


Eden started in a special program this year for fourth grade.

[Digression: It’s called the STEP program, an acronym for Student Teacher Education Program or something similar. I found it quite humorous in the parent introductory meetings how they talked about the special needs of the “stepkids” and the special gifts the “stepkids” have to deal with and how they explain to the “stepkids” what is expected of them. I think I was the only one, though, because all the other “stepparents” seemed pretty intense.]  

So far, so good, except every day when I ask her how school went she says, “It’s HARD.”

Rainbow is missing her siblings (my four kids are going to four different schools this year–aye-yi-yi!) but taking second grade in a cool stride. She and I have already had talks about giving me attitude. (Sigh.) The little-to-big kid transition is hard on moms.

And this sweetie has his first day today (which is probably why I’m able to write this). Last year of preschool for Colby!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get groceries.

All by myself.

Did you catch that?