The Medium-Sized Reveal!

25 09 2011

I have been working on my house for a couple of months. This isn’t surprising, as I generally have one project or another in the works, but I was at a point, both emotionally and furniturally, where I was ready for a big change.

This isn’t The Big Reveal–not yet–because I’m not quite finished. But I know myself well enough to know that these last little bits–the throw pillows, the coffee table, the curtains (yes? no? opinions?), the art, the game/homework table–are going to take me awhile. It’s going to be piece by piece. Still, my mom’s been asking (most likely because I’ve been complaining about how long stenciling takes) so this is dedicated to her.

I looked through piles of magazines and decided on a color palette, found a rug, and went from there.

I like it. I like it a lot.

I didn’t take any “before” pictures prior to the previous furniture being taken to its new home, so several of the pictures are furniture free (but generally aren’t book free).

Here are a few before pictures:



When you have two double bookshelves leave the premises, you end up with a lot of books on the floor.

You try and keep them somewhat organized, but, well, it doesn’t always work out exactly as planned.

Oh, yes, I had big plans for these red walls. But first I had to take care of the books before they became a hazard.

So this giant wall, where a couch used to sit, was where I decided to put my new bookcases. My new, really tall bookcases.

Delicious, no?

Then, once I got my books off the floor, I was able to paint the red walls. My goal was to lighten up these rooms, freshen them, and make them happy. I painted two of the red walls white, and the last wall–the one with the windows–I painted a light orange. Not peach–more of a creamsicle-y color. This was the wall on which I decided to put the stencil (which, by the way, takes for-freaking-ever to do–perhaps I’ll do a separate post on it later) and hang my cupcake-catering-earned chandelier.

I moved (well, not *I* alone–some friends helped) the piano in there. Sometime I’ll get a really cool table for the other half of the room to do homework on and play games. For now, the card table works. It’s not exactly pretty, but it works.

It’s a happy room.

I found this shot as  I looked through old files trying to find a picture of the two big couches that used to be here. I’m not quite sure what they’re doing (slow-motion rodeo?) but I think it’s hilarious.

Anyway, I got a smaller scale couch and two chairs at IKEA.

And we also grew those pumpkins on the porch in our own garden. Hoo-ey!

Then I found a rug with a great pattern, and wowsa. It looks pretty great, if I do say so myself.

And I guess I just did.




14 responses

25 09 2011

AWESOME . . . . come to my house, would you!!!!! AWESOME!

25 09 2011

I can’t believe you stenciled that! I’d never be able to do that. Love those new bookshelves! Great job.

25 09 2011

It looks incredible!!! I hope you’ll send the pictures to Erin (she can get pictures on her e-mail account), because she’ll go gaga over them.

25 09 2011
Rachael C

Great job!!!! The living room looks great!!! When are you coming to do my house?!?

25 09 2011
Nancy B

It looks GREAT!!!

25 09 2011

It’s AMAZING!!! Isn’t great to have a space that reflects you and where you are in life?

25 09 2011

It looks so good! I’m loving how light everything feels. That wall is just amazing. And I’m still in love with that rug…beautiful.

25 09 2011

Yeah for you! I love home “make-overs”. The wall is so perfect with the stencil and I just love the rug. I’m so in the mood to change some rooms in my house it’s been almost 5 years and I’m starting to get the itch to paint and mix things up a bit. What a fun change.

25 09 2011

From my vantage point (inside the internet), the stencil looks really, really like wallpaper–I’ll bet it takes forever to do. Love the tall bookshelves, too. Very nice looking. You are welcome to come and consult in our house, too.

–El Jefe

25 09 2011

Can’t wait for the Big Reveal…this looks great! I love the book shelves, especially the little accent pieces. You have put in a lot of work and it looks really good. You inspire me…I need to go finish some project!

26 09 2011

So fun!! Love the rug and the bookshelves. I love a room makeover!

6 10 2011

I really, really love it. I need you to come to my house & style my bookcases because I am accessories-challenged. Also, don’t you dare hang curtains and cover up any part of that amazing stencil.

17 10 2011

I love:
The way the light fixture makes beautimous patterns on the ceiling.
The paint on the insides of the bookshelves. Pretty!

10 01 2012

WOW!! I can see why the stenciling to forever!! I love the light, rug, chairs and especially the bookcases…but mostly love them together. Yes, you are amazing!

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