4 10 2011

I had an errand to run the other day at the Parks and Recreation office. The city recently renovated the building and repaved the parking lot. As I pulled in, I noticed about eight parking spots close to the entry. Six of them were vacant. They all had this sign:

I parked (somewhere else–my KIA minivan is not exactly fuel-efficient) and started walking toward the entrance when I noticed several handicapped parking spots.

Farther away from the entrance than the fuel efficient spots.


We see who you like, Washington. And it apparently isn’t handicapped people.





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4 10 2011

For me, mini van trumps fuel-efficient car for nearest parking spot. I do not imagine car seat constrained kids piling out of the tiny Prius, having to be carried and herded by the driver, across deadly parking lots. Yes, for the poor Mom’s sake and the safety of the children, your Mini Van should get dibs.

Ikea and Babies ‘r Us get it. Hopefully Washington will be next.

4 10 2011

Signs like these just went up in my favorite prime spots at Fred Meyer. What’s the deal? No one is EVER IN THOSE SPOTS! Grrr.

4 10 2011
Shaunna in Federal Way

I promise that I won’t start venting. I think we are trying to keep our blogs G rated. Let’s just say, these guys obviously haven’t had the pleasure of pouring rain and a wheelchair. Or the effects of a constant drizzle and two walking canes. BTW have you ever tried to fit either of these very necessary items in one of those “fuel efficient vehicles”? Let’s just say the kindly neighbor with such a vehicle has stopped offering me rides.

4 10 2011

Wendy :

Someone once said that when we see an injustice in the world, it’s our responsibility to say something about it – even if we can’t change it – that being said, I’d suggest a call to the City offices – or an e-mail directly to the Mayor stating that in view of the fact that those who are handicapped and of a necessity are driving a larger vehicle to accomodate [whatever need] – wouldn’t it be the ‘right thing’ to put the parking closer and those who are healthy enough to drive a fuel efficient vehicle walk a few extra steps – swap the placement of the signs. I’d be glad support you, if you choose.


5 10 2011

That is a great idea, Nancy. I hadn’t even considered it.
And now I need to consider my statements once again to ensure they’re just and valid. I think they are–I understand why they put the handicapped spots where they did, to make access to the sidewalk easier. However, I think in this case it’s simply a matter of the parking lot being poorly designed. As Shaunna pointed out, distance is absolutely an issue to think about when deciding which spots should be designated handicapped. I will think on it some more, draft a letter, and send it to you to proof for me. 🙂

5 10 2011

Sounds like a plan Wendy 🙂

5 10 2011

however, I should have checked my spelling – accommodate – 20/20 hindsight used the dictionary AFTER the fact 😦

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