Cheap Art

8 10 2011

I debated on the title of this post. “Trashy Art” might make people afraid to click on the link. “Recycled Art” was a better option, but the good it might do to the earth to have these bread tags and cardboard hanging on my wall instead of in a landfill is, honestly, negligible.

So I titled it in the truest way possible: cheap art. I want to thank all of you who answered the Call for Submissions way back when. I can truly say if it weren’t for Mom, Monique, Kristen, Nancy, Greg, Rachael, Sandi, Mandi, and anyone else I might have forgotten (and if so I’m sorry–I need to do better at record-keeping) this wouldn’t have been possible. Well, it would have, but just not nearly so soon. It takes awhile to gather hundreds of bread tags, surprisingly enough.

Please excuse the messy table. And speaking of the messy table–I found one at a thrift store. When I get it finished I can kiss the functional-but-not-visually-pleasing card table good-bye.

I think the piece (listen to me, talking all arty) reads better in real life. It’s big and colorful, which is just what I wanted.

And due to my many generous donors, it only cost about $10 (and a few hours) to make. That’s really  what I wanted.