Halloween 2011

3 11 2011

I did next to nothing for Halloween this year. It was good.

Eden, slated to be a cheerleader, changed her mind at the last minute. Luckily we had this raccoon (?) costume (?). And even more luckily, Eden’s mom is practically a professional make-up artist (?).

Rainbow saw this fuzzy ladybug costume at Goodwill and fell in love. There was no turning back.

Zack decided to be Will Treaty, hero of The Ranger’s Apprentice book series. He seems to favor the more obscure references in his Halloween costumes.

He’s working on his Halt impression.

The irony doesn’t escape me about a kid with OI dressing up as a skeleton . . . Colby didn’t trick-or-treat too much. He’s already learned that staying home and dipping freely into the candy bowl is the way to go.

Hope you and yours had a fun Halloween. Now, to quote a friend, we can get going on the real holidays.