13 11 2011

Life has been busy. The November page on the calendar mocks my white-space-lovin’ brain, even as I try to convince it that “These are all FUN things!” But, to quote my sister-in-law Dina, “Making memories takes a lot of work.” So even though there are a lot of fun things in November, it’s taking a lot of work to make them happen.

Pictured above is Eden in her Veterans’ Day assembly. I listened to those kids sing, “God Bless Our Troops” and just cried. Today, my kids sang about the scriptures and temples during the Primary program, and I sat there and cried. There’s just something about kids singing, I guess.

Anyway, here’s wishing all your busy days are connected to making a good memories.



4 responses

13 11 2011

Neal Maxwell said: Whenever our time is, we can still make of our days ” days never to be forgotten”. You are a great example of this to me Wendy. Thank you for shaing. šŸ™‚

13 11 2011

Um I don’t know what shaing is, but autocorrect liked it better than what I typed which was “sharing” šŸ˜‰

15 11 2011

That is the good stuff. And only the best people realize and cry as a result.

17 11 2011

My little family frequently sings around the piano while I play. There are two songs that make me cry every time I here them sing and maybe its because of how they sing – belting out the words with conviction. One is God Bless America, the other is the newer primary song Holding Hands Around the World. There is definitely something about kids singing that carries some of that music to the soul like nothing else can šŸ˜€

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