A Full and Thankful Heart

11 12 2011

It’s been a busy few weeks. Between Thanksgiving, a visit from my mom, Rainbow’s baptism, and Christmas fill-in-the-blank (decorating, band concert, potluck, etc.), I’ve hardly had a minute to string two coherent thoughts together. They’re all good things, though, for which I am truly grateful.

I’m grateful for my brother and sister-in-law for letting me come to their house for Thanksgiving.

I’m grateful for this kid:

And this kiddo:

And this one, too:

They all three kept me from missing my own little ones too much on Thanksgiving. And I still got to see my Oregon peeps a week later, so that worked out very well for me.

I’m grateful for these parents (even as I wish it were a better-executed photo, I still like their happiness):

Especially that Mom, who came home with me for a week to visit and help me get ready for the baptism.

And I’m grateful for this girl:

For making me laugh,

And for laughing with me.

I’m so grateful for her strong spirit and desire to do what’s right. There’s nothing quite like the glow of your own child when they’ve just been baptized.


I hope each of you are experiencing joy and gratitude for all the good-busy things this Christmas season.



2 responses

15 12 2011

love this! p.s. I gave you an award on my blog 😀

20 12 2011

Lots to be grateful for. Rachel was so sweet on her baptism day! I’m so glad we live close and could come. Love you!

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