New Year’s Eve Housekeeping Masquerade

31 12 2011

Yesterday, I had a long list. My kids were with their dad, and I was certain I could knock that baby out without any trouble.

Except there was some trouble. Because I ended up reading two books, and only two things got crossed off the list.

I decided I needed to really buckle down today, get unpacked, and clean those bathrooms!

As I was getting ready, I decided to do my hair a little differently than normal. Short hair takes a lot more maintenance hair-cut-wise than long hair. Since I’ve been out of town for almost two weeks, I had to put off my regular five-week trim (it’s on Tuesday, thank goodness).

Anyway, I used some hair oil and tried for the sleek look. (I think now is the time for me to admit that I may not be a ‘sleek look’ type person.) It ended up being rather formal, so I put on some make-up in order to match my hair a little better. (I think now is the time for me to admit that it didn’t really work.) In my misguided enthusiasm, I decided to give Red Salsa another try.

Which I guess is why whenever I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I scrubbed down the bathrooms, I startled like someone had just dropped a stack of plates on the floor unexpectedly.



Happy New Year!




11 responses

31 12 2011

You look like you should have a frilly fancy apron and be listening to The Girl From Iponema.:)

31 12 2011

I think it looks better than you think πŸ™‚

1 01 2012

I think you look great but definitely more suited to doing the tango than cleaning toilets.

1 01 2012

Tango! That’s a perfect use for slicked back hair and red lipstick.

By the way, all my kids wanted to know if we were stopping by your house again on our way back through. I had a feeling we’d be like long-lost kin when my kids met yours. πŸ™‚

1 01 2012

Rae–you are sweet. I suppose it’s always nicer to have things look better than you think, as opposed to having things look worse than you think, right?

1 01 2012

Monique–I *have* a frilly apron and I love that song. Next time for sure!

1 01 2012

I’ve always wanted a place to wear red lipstick. I guess it’s tango or the toilets?

2 01 2012

The blue-ish lights from the screen certainly accentuate the tango-red lipstick.


–El Jefe

4 01 2012

I think it looks pretty cool, actually. πŸ™‚ I looooved my short hair but it totally takes more maintenance than long. Therefore, I’m in the sad-sack process of growing mine out again. Sigh. Why does it take soooo long?

13 01 2012

You’ve inspired me – I am SO wearing lipstick next time I clean bathrooms. πŸ™‚ I love the stack of plates crashing bit, too. Fabulous writing, as always.

28 01 2012

Update: I didn’t. I think my hot-red lipstick didn’t make the move. :p

If I were to erase my first comment and write a new one, it would be something like, “Sometimes “because I can” is reason enough.”

Love you!

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