What happens when Mom suffers a blow to the head?

30 01 2012

The kids eat boxed macaroni and cheese, cupcakes, and/or ice cream for dinner.

The laundry remains unfolded.

The oldest son asks you to get an x-ray every time you touch your gigantic goose egg.

And you, as the mom, are kind of spacey and cranky all day.

For my readers who want the gory details, I will spill. Colby has recently started throwing things down the second-floor balcony to the first floor below. It is hilarious.

(According to him.)

I was down below this morning, sorting laundry, while Mr. C was playing with his Geo-Trax train upstairs. I had a little flash when I thought, “It would really bite if he chucked something off there and it hit me.”

(Don’t ignore those little flashes. They might save you a whopper of a headache.)

Less than a minute later, the Geo-Trax engine clocked me in the head hard enough to bring me to my knees.

(Colby laughed. He didn’t see it hit me, he just heard it hit the floor.)

If this post makes absolutely no sense, please call me and make me go to the doctor.



7 responses

30 01 2012

Omg!!!! You should have gone to see a doctor! Did you lose consciousness at any point? If so you could have a concussion. You can still have one. You should have had it checked! Tell someone to check on you tomorrow morning. Now you’ve got me worried.

31 01 2012

I’m kind of with this Monique gal. maybe you do have a concussion. don’t mess around WANDA, you’re the only Wanda we’ve got.

31 01 2012

I want to be a finisher too (referring to your last awesome post). Also, I am so sorry about the head. I would have been the Colby in that scenario. I do not mean to clock those I love, it just happens.

31 01 2012

I’m so sorry! That’s the worst when someone hurts you and they laugh (even if they aren’t trying to be mean). If you start to have other symptoms besides a goose egg, definitely get to the doctor…either way, let the kids pamper you!

31 01 2012

Oh no! I second the advice–go to the Dr. if anything seems unusual. So sorry!

4 02 2012

Is it better?

5 02 2012

Still tender, but better overall. Thanks, everyone!

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