Leap Day Debate

29 02 2012

These things are better than M&Ms.

If I eat the entire jar, will I only gain 38 ounces?

Do I love Becky or hate Becky for introducing me to cocoa roast goodness? (That’s not really part of the debate, though, since I will always love Becky.)

Have you tried these? And, if so, do you love them as much as I do?

The Joy of a Frilly Calico Dress

26 02 2012

Last week, Rainbow told me, “I want a frilly dress.”

“Oh. Okay,” I said. “I’ll see what I can do.”

I have since gone shopping for patterns, but didn’t find too much that seemed, well, frilly. We had had a dress once upon a time that would definitely have fallen into that category, but I was pretty sure it was too small.

Today, when I needed to find something in the corner of a closet, I found the aforementioned dress.

Yes, it was frilly.

Sadly, yes, it was also too small.

But next to it in the closet was an old gem. My mom made it for me and I wore it for my first grade picture, thus:


Rainbow happens to be the exact size for this frilly calico confection, so is wearing it the rest of the day, thus:

In other news, Eden is currently working on a school report using a book she just read–On the Banks of Plum Creek. Too bad the dress doesn’t fit her; she could have channeled some Laura Ingalls Wilder (and hopefully cut back on the drama of how hard her homework is).


P.S. My mom is an incredible seamstress. I don’t know how long it took her to sew on the rows of lace and ribbon trim, but it must have taken hours. They all look perfect, too.  Score one for patience and perfectionism!

Favorite Dates

17 02 2012

I love my kids.

Sure, they make me crazy sometimes, but it’s a good crazy.

Becoming a mother has stretched and shaped me more than any other thing in my life. And since I generally like how my personhood is coming along, I’m grateful for that.

However, I don’t know that I show that gratitude very often. We’re so full of homework and mealtime and school and church and piano and scouts and therapy and friends that I sometimes feel we don’t get as many chances to connect as I’d like.

I’m trying to change that.

And when I do, I remember that I not only love my children, I also like them.



I have a soft spot for Mom and Pop anything, which is why we like to get milkshakes at a local diner.



And crinkle fries loaded with ketchup.



That briefcase Eden’s got her arm around is the art kit she got for Christmas. While waiting for our food (which didn’t take long, seeing as we were the only patrons), we drew pictures of the pictures of classic cars on the walls, then tried to guess which one the others had drawn.



This is to prove I was actually there.



I’m so glad I had a chance to spend a little time with my best-goofy-silly-sweet girls.



Zack and I had the chance to go out to dinner a week or two later. We went to another “local treasure.” The waitress said, “I love him! He’s like a little businessman.”

I’m not sure how she came to that conclusion, but we had a good time. His favorite class is band and his favorite color is still red and his favorite food is ice cream.



Colby would have hated a dinner date, so we went on an extra field trip to a gymnasium.



There was plenty of balancing, jumping, swinging, climbing, and crawling.



Despite feeling like life is giving me the smack down lately, I truly am blessed.


5 02 2012


The damage to the trees from the ice storm has been incredible. It seems every time I go out, I notice another downed or topped tree.

This is the heart of a giant shade tree near one of our favorite parks.

Pretty sure the bench I’ve sat on many times before is currently under all those branches.

The entire park was hit pretty badly. I think that besides the big shade tree there are five or six other trees in the park that look just like this one.

All over town, piles of broken branches litter the sidewalks.

And parking lots.

Here are three trees (yes, the breakage is similar in each) in front of my daughter’s school.

Lots of people lost trees in their yards, although I haven’t seen any that have damaged homes (thankfully).

The sight of that bright, fresh, unweathered heart wood shocks me every time.

Gratefully, trees grow back.

In other news, Zack experienced ‘anklegeddon’ this week.

Poor guy. It has not been a great year for him, injury-wise.

Yes, it is broken. Yes, he had to get a cast.

But it’s a walking cast, and he’s already been slumming around without crutches, AND we get to go back in two-and-a-half weeks to get it re-checked. Hopefully he can get it off then. Gratefully, bones grow back, as well.

In the meantime, pray for sunshine!


He can’t get it wet.