5 02 2012


The damage to the trees from the ice storm has been incredible. It seems every time I go out, I notice another downed or topped tree.

This is the heart of a giant shade tree near one of our favorite parks.

Pretty sure the bench I’ve sat on many times before is currently under all those branches.

The entire park was hit pretty badly. I think that besides the big shade tree there are five or six other trees in the park that look just like this one.

All over town, piles of broken branches litter the sidewalks.

And parking lots.

Here are three trees (yes, the breakage is similar in each) in front of my daughter’s school.

Lots of people lost trees in their yards, although I haven’t seen any that have damaged homes (thankfully).

The sight of that bright, fresh, unweathered heart wood shocks me every time.

Gratefully, trees grow back.

In other news, Zack experienced ‘anklegeddon’ this week.

Poor guy. It has not been a great year for him, injury-wise.

Yes, it is broken. Yes, he had to get a cast.

But it’s a walking cast, and he’s already been slumming around without crutches, AND we get to go back in two-and-a-half weeks to get it re-checked. Hopefully he can get it off then. Gratefully, bones grow back, as well.

In the meantime, pray for sunshine!


He can’t get it wet.



3 responses

6 02 2012

That is so sad about the trees. I mourn the loss of a great shade tree. Bones even seem to grow back faster than those grand beauties.

6 02 2012

Ouch! Poor kid.

7 02 2012

That is so sad about Zack’s ankle. The trees are pretty sad too. Does the city assist home owners who have trees down or do they have to do it themselves? Have a great day. Love you, Mom and Grandma

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