Leap Day Debate

29 02 2012

These things are better than M&Ms.

If I eat the entire jar, will I only gain 38 ounces?

Do I love Becky or hate Becky for introducing me to cocoa roast goodness? (That’s not really part of the debate, though, since I will always love Becky.)

Have you tried these? And, if so, do you love them as much as I do?



5 responses

29 02 2012

I like cocoa beans. Have you tried any from Brazil?

Always Marc Marrs

29 02 2012

Yay a new addiction to consider;).

1 03 2012

These are AMAZING! I love the ones with peanut butter mixed nuts mixed in too.

5 03 2012

I wish that I loved them better than M&Ms. M&Ms, I am afraid trump most things.

7 03 2012

I’ve tried them but sadly I prefer a MUCH great chocolate to nut ratio.

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