And There Was Much Rejoicing

7 03 2012

Yesterday, I took Zack and Rainbow (and Colby, but this isn’t really a story about him) to Seattle Children’s Hospital where we talked to the doctor about Osteogenesis Imperfecta, growth, and pamidronate infusions.

It’s always stressful for me to drive to Seattle. It’s always stressful for me to talk to doctors, because I’m afraid something I’m supposed to be asking will forget to be asked, or something I’m supposed to remember later will slip through those cracks in my brain that seem to be getting bigger all the time. It’s always stressful to have to weigh medical decisions about what will help, what might help, what won’t help, and what is just experimental so it might not do anything. The stress makes my eyebrows get concentrated and my body get tired.

However, we left the doctor’s office with grand news: our pamidronate infusions are being cut to the maintenance dose!


What this means for us is that instead of going three times a year for three days, we only need to go twice a year for only a day.

Let me say that again: twice a year for one day!

Instead of being wiped out for a week plus due to the actual infusions and the stress-unload aftermath, we’ve got one day of procedure and hopefully no more than two days decompression.

I’m beyond thrilled, if there is such a place as that.

Grateful Today . . .

4 03 2012

. . . to know this.