Two Hands!

19 04 2012

Eden turns ten today.

I have been reading the Betsy-Tacy series with her and Rainbow, and just this past week the girls in the book turned ten. They decided they were ready to fall in love. Luckily, Eden has not demonstrated any leanings toward that yet.

In reading some past journal entries, I noted how Eden felt like ten-years-old was practically grown up. She’d often start sentences with “When I am ten . . . ” My favorite was when she said, “When I am ten, I’m going to like mustard.” (A failed prediction, as it turns out.)

When Eden was five, I wrote this about her: “The other day as we were walking to the bus, she skipped on ahead, bouncing her princess backpack up and down, then she waved to the Culligan man like he was a long-lost brother, spun around the stop sign with one hand, hugged and kissed me enthusiastically, and waved from the window until the bus was out of sight with an ear-to-ear smile on her face. She just had this aura around her, a bubble that screamed to the world: I AM HAPPY! There’s nothing like a kid to help a person enjoy life. (Of course, there’s also nothing like a kid to make you want to run headlong into an oncoming train, but usually those moments are fleeting and rare.) . . . We’ve had fun reading together, and right now she and Zack are doing a reading challenge from the library where if they read twenty minutes a day for twenty days out of a month, they get a free book. The other day, the two of them sat down with me in our big armchair to read after they got home from school. Eden showed me a pink bead she had found on the bus. It was a lot like the beads for scouting except, of course, it was pink. So we were cozily reading away when I heard a quiet whimper from Eden.

“I said, ‘What’s wrong, honey?’ She turned her face toward me, and a big tear rolled down her cheek.

“‘The bead is stuck in my nose.’

“Sure enough, that bead was WAY up her nostril. I had an instant flash of panic, thinking of an emergency room extraction. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get any purchase on it with our tweezers at home. I don’t think I even said anything at this point, just scrunched up my nose and started snorting, although, because it was a bead, I didn’t honestly think this would do much good. Eden did the same, scrunching and snorting her little nose.

“Suddenly, that bead shot out of her nose like a cannon, ricocheting off of the open Where the Sidewalk Ends in my lap. There was a pregnant pause. Then all three of us busted up laughing.”

She’s graduated from climbing all over the furniture to climbing up trees.

From smashing eggs on the kitchen floor to using them in a more appropriate manner.

From eating dirt every time she went outside to taking goofy self-portraits on my phone.

Happy birthday, my princess! I love your creativity, your kindness, and your hugs. I’m the luckiest mom ever to have a daughter like you.



8 responses

19 04 2012

Happy Birthday to your 10 year old! I hope she has a great day! She’s a gem.

19 04 2012

And, uh, why do all your kids eat dirt? Just wondering…..

19 04 2012

Happy Birthday Eden! And you can always remember this as the time you learned one of the most valuable lessons in life; don’t shove stuff up your nose;)

20 04 2012

HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY EMILY. Grandpa and I love you so much. Looks like you had a great birthday. Glad you got the bead out of your nose.

21 04 2012
Jeff Archibald

Happy Birthday “Eden”! You should show us the bead trick at the reunion.

–El Jefe

23 04 2012

Happy birthday Eden! She really is a sweet girl.

29 04 2012

We had a similar incident involving a pebble which I removed, upon the advice of my nurse sister-in-law, by plugging the opposite nostril and blowing into her mouth with my own. Worked like a charm but the resulting snot that came out with the pebble and directly hit my face (which was naturally right in the perfect position to be hit, what with the current mouth to mouth scenario) makes me think your way is much better.

8 06 2012
Jeff Archibald

I just re-read your title on this post. Could she do “nine” with one hand? I guess I’ve never noticed.

–El Jefe

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