28 04 2012

I have all these great ambitions.

Get back into blogging! Get my book written! Get my projects done! Get my house cleaned!

But I’m finding out that I can’t    do       it.

Not even that I can’t do it *all*, which I know is true, but I am simply having a hard time doing *anything*.

It’s like I’m going-going-going and I think I’m moving forward, but when I look behind me I’m still in the same place.


Someone has stuck a treadmill under me.

So, as my kids are growing up and changing right before my very eyes, I am trying to enjoy them. I’m trying to figure out how to balance the need to’s with the want to’s–which I suppose is what I’ve always done, but lately it’s taken hold of my frontal lobe and won’t let me go.

What I think this means for me is more home. More staying in and playing together instead of driving around in the car to this, that, and the other. Taking time to listen. Finally training my kids on how to do dishes (really looking forward to this one!). Helping them with homework (I am probably the world’s worst homework mom . . .)


To this end, I pruned one of our bushes last week.

Okay, that doesn’t really help with the simplifying bit, but it was funny anyway. Maybe you just had to be there.

Thanks for reading, despite my inconsistent posting. With all this simplifying, I can’t make any promises about consistency in the future, but I’ll do what I can.

Blogging, after all, can be done from your own home.