29 04 2012

I’m not going to lie: this post is going to be mostly pictures for my mom. I’m forever promising her pictures, and then ever-failing in my follow-through. So here is a long string of pictures without much narration.

Zack is relaxing on our big ol’ pile of stuff. It takes a lot of gear for five people to eat, sleep, entertain, and clothe five people for three days. Luckily, we were still using the Taj Mahal on wheels at the time, and it’s got some serious cargo space. No bubble needed.

We also met my cousin and her family there, which was so much fun. Camping buddies are the best!

This guy spent the bulk of the time running around looking at drains. I kid you not: the Pacific Ocean spread before us like a picnic blanket, and he dragged me to the parking lot 14 times a day.

“Wish I could be . . . part of your WORLD!” [Cue crashing wave.]

We were back at Cama Beach State Park, this time in a Deluxe Cabin. (Totally worth the extra $15 a night to have a bathroom, by the way.)

The weather was nice the afternoon we got there.

The next day it rained.

A lot.

The whole day.

(We still went to see the drains multiple times.)

The girls painted while the boys played their DSes (which I didn’t take a picture of, for some reason).

We also watched “The Muppets.” (And, yes, it is that good.)

We played lots of games, and went on nature scavenger hunts, and pretended to be cats.

A lot of our time also seemed to be spent eating.

I guess it was all that ocean air, increasing our appetites.

Our pack-up-and-leave day was nice again. The kids were able to explore a little more while I packed up.

Here are all the kids at La Conner. (Not La Push. Sorry, Twilight fans!)

We stopped at a bakery for lunch.

Maybe I should have felt worse about the additions to the front of their display glass than I did, but they were the most expensive sandwiches I’ve ever bought. So I didn’t.

We stopped at Deception Pass and walked across the bridge.

It was very high and the cars were swooshing by on the other side of a tiny cable. I may have scarred Zack for life.

That’s why he refused to be in the family picture with us . . .

Anyway, special thanks to the Thompsons for letting us tag along (Zack said his favorite part was when we were at your house) and for the Washington State Parks Department.

Spring break!



6 responses

29 04 2012

It’s not a true family vacation until someone is scarred for life! Love the pictures, looks like a great trip.

29 04 2012

Thanks for the pictures \. Your hair has really grown a lot. Looks like a fun trip in spite of the rain. I guess we should expect rain ’cause it is spring. We got snow here last Monday. Love you have a great week
Love, Mom

30 04 2012

I just finished the Twilight series…again. And I was sad that it was not La Push. But it looks like an awesome vacation.

1 05 2012

I’m so glad we got to spend spring break together. Btw, we bought the Muppet Movie and now all the songs are in all of our heads (:

4 05 2012
Alisa Smith

Hey, your hair looks awesome. And is the scarring for life also why Rainbow and Eden look so happy? That happens sometimes, you know, when big brothers get the scared senseless. Aaaaand, what else?
Hm. I forgot. Super-cute pictures and fun narration. OOH! I remember. I loved the “spread out like a picnic blanket” part. Lovely writing, my dear.

10 05 2012
Mrs. Olsen

Drains? That is seriously funny. I love the NW Coast. Looks like a great time. Let me guess that you reserved those cabins 9 months in advance? Looking good Wendy!

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