Transformation! Transformation!

10 06 2012

(Does anyone else have random Pixar quotes pop into their heads on any given occasion? Oh, okay. Nevermind, then.)

I got this little gem of a dining set about, oh, nine months ago. One table, four chairs.

I think it was originally $90, then it was marked down to $60. I was feeling like maybe I could do $60. So I went down to St. Vincent De Paul to look at it one more time, and do you know what those dear Catholics did? They marked all furniture down 50% that day. I love Catholics.

Naturally, I took it as a sign that it definitely was the table and chairs I had been looking for. After spending nine months in my garage, I spent $35 on a gallon of glossy paint, $20 on two yards of oil cloth, and about 20 hours of labor on Memorial Day weekend. (Should I have waited for Labor Day?)

But seeing them in the garage just doesn’t do them justice.

Behold, the table and chairs! Out of the garage and into the music room!

Don’t you just love that I-finally-finished-a-project feeling? Only 17 major projects left!

Um, yahoo?