Hip Hop Mixed with Bebop

17 06 2012

For her school’s spirit day “Back in the Day” Day, Eden wanted me to make her a poodle skirt.

She got her own accessories. I thought about telling her the sparkly newsboy cap wasn’t exactly what they were wearing in the fifties, but she didn’t really care about authenticity–she cared about cuteness.

Because that’s how we roll around here.



4 responses

18 06 2012
Jeff Archibald


–El Jefe

P.S. Do those classify as spirit fingers?

19 06 2012

Um, they totally should have worn sparkly newsboy caps with their poodle skirts, she rocks it! (And great job on the skirt!)

19 06 2012

El Jefe–
I haven’t taught her any gang signs yet. We’re more comfortable with the spirit than we are with gangs, anyway.

Thanks, Kristen!

8 07 2012

Lauren has a nearly identical hat and would wear it everyday if I would let her. Eden is adorable.

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