Halloween 2012

31 10 2012

I am out of words. Either that, or I’m saving them up for this weekend. Pictures instead:

Rainbow was a puppy. She said, “Next year, I’m going to be something scary. I’ve never been something that’s scary.” Personally, I’d love for her to stick with the non-scary.

But it happens to the best of them, as Eden in all her zombie-ness shows.

I didn’t get one of Zack by himself, so this one where he’s trying to kill his undead sister will have to do.

Colby was pretty much the cutest Yoda ever. I didn’t think he’d keep his ears on, but he did. It was fun to see him trick or treat around the neighborhood. He knows most of the houses where people have dogs, and since he’s afraid and anxious around them, we skipped those houses. “Look at all this candy!” he said.

I did have the chance to haul him around on my back for awhile. Unfortunately we don’t have a very good picture of it.

We do have this one, though, where I’m expertly holstering my blaster. You can’t teach talent like that, folks. It’s simply a gift.

(As is the perfect Luke Skywalker hair.)

Happy Halloween!



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