R.I.P. Stinky

11 11 2012

The other night I took the kids to our monthly potluck at the church. We got there a little late, and I was tired. You know, the usual. I ate my food, and then ended up eating Colby’s food, too, because it’s different food than what we have at home so he won’t eat it. (Again, the usual.) I saw a lot of people I thought I should go and talk to, since our ward boundaries were just changed, but I was feeling pretty lethargic. So I looked around and tried to remember people’s names, when my friend came up and said, “I think your car might have been broken into.”

Seriously? My Kia is kursed.

I took the time to deposit my paper plate in the trash can before I took a deep breath and went out to the parking lot.

There was glass everywhere. I groaned a little bit. The driver’s door was open, and only the one window broken, but it wasn’t a carefully executed crime. Hasty, if you know what I mean. The car parked next to mine had its window shattered as well. In fact, that’s probably why mine got hit in the first place: it was conveniently located next to a big Expedition. Because I ask you: who breaks into a Kia?

A girl that noticed the break-ins first had called 9-1-1. I took the phone that she handed me and talked to the dispatcher as I looked inside my minivan. The bag in the front seat was gone.

She was giving me instructions, telling me what website to go to to file a police report, but I was terribly distracted.

The bag in the front seat was gone.

I handed the phone over to the Expedition owner and started to shake.

There was an iPad in that bag. And Colby’s backpack (yes, the one he wears to bed every night) that had his kindergarten notebook inside, charting his daily progress so far this year, noting the first time he answered a question asked to the entire class (hasn’t happened since, I don’t think). But the thing that made me feel like I’d been dunked in ice water was when I realized Colby’s dolphins were in that bag.

He had three dolphins that were identical. One, for some reason, was superior. Consequently, it was also the most chewed on, rubbed, and loved.

This extra-special dolphin was dubbed “Stinky,” because he really was. We took him camping,

to the zoo,

and to concerts and dance recitals. Any place that was weird, Stinky came with us to give us an island of normal amid the strangeness. If Colby could just suck on Stinky’s tail for a few seconds, we could avoid some meltdowns. If Colby could smell Stinky and give him Eskimo kisses, he could calm down faster. If Colby could play with the stuffing poking out of Stinky’s side, he had something to focus on.

I’m not gonna lie: Stinky made life easier.

So as I tried to assimilate that my car had been broken into and what I needed to do to get it repaired, my heart was wailing, “Oh, my sweet baby! What will he do without his Stinky?”

The hardest part for me is knowing the thieves glanced at those dolphins and saw a bunch of ratty stuffed animals: nothing of worth.

And they threw them away.

My sweet boy, who deals in the concrete, has no concept of the word “forever.” But my heart aches when he goes to bed at night, crying a little, and saying, “Dolphins all gone. All gone dolphins.”

I don’t care about the iPad. I honestly don’t. I’ve even been able to doctor up a backpack so that it is a fair exchange for his old one (although he hasn’t asked to wear this one to bed). But it really burns me up that my son’s best friend was stolen, and most likely discarded.

Because even though to most people Stinky was worthless, to us he is irreplaceable.



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11 11 2012


12 11 2012

I’m crying for you and Colby. I really am. May the Lord heal his heart and hold his hand through this. Yours too.

12 11 2012
Love Many Trust Few

Such a sad story! I feel for your little guy. I hope that he is able to move through this big loss without too many tears. Sometimes when these things happen it kind of pushes them forward and helps them to gain someone understanding around the non-permanence of ‘things’. Still, stinky was a true friend and they are hard to find.

12 11 2012

I thought about you all week and weekend and just wanted to exact justice so badly. Not hurting anyone, actually, but praying that somehow the items would surface and make things right. I figure the Lord had worked a couple miracles in my life recently so why not now? I’ll keep praying. LOVE YOU!!!

12 11 2012

I am so sorry.

12 11 2012

We can so relate. 😦 After many faithful years, we lost Adam’s cat, Tulip. Tulip went on the RV trip, Hawaii, Disneyland, Disney world, everywhere! Tulip was a faithful and true companion. Somehow we left the Aspen Grove cabin without Tulip this summer. We discovered the loss that night in the next hotel. Adam was soooooo genuinely sad it broke my heart. Of course we called many times and no one had seen her. I went a few days later and drove all the way back to check the cabin myself. I was so sure I would look under the bed and there she’d be. But no. I searched and searched. I checked lost and found. We left a notice on the bulletin board. We emailed the staff with a photo of Tulip and Adam. Nothing. We happened to find the exact cat on Ebay a few days later which was a find because she was 15 years old (used to be Mikayla’s). So, Tulip 2 now resides with Adam, but it’s never been the same. He loves her, but after he’s gone to bed I find her around the house which never would have happened before. It makes me sad that we’ll never know what happened. I’m sure she went out with the laundry and like you said, someone just tossed her in the trash.

At least Adam was 9 and could understand better than Colby. I feel so bad for him! Whoever did it will have a special punishment waiting for them in the next life!

12 11 2012

Broke my heart.

13 11 2012

Poor baby! I’m so, so, sorry this happened!

14 11 2012

So sorry to hear about Tulip! It’s hard to lose these inanimate members of the family. 😦

19 11 2012

I saw your cute Facebook picture with Colby and the giant dolphin. I hope it is helping! Niki is awesome and so are you!

21 11 2012
Annette & Neal

Your post made me so sad! Sad for Colby and sad for you. We also lost our son’s lovey when he was about two–not easy to explain why his little red dog “Russ” could not sleep in his bed with him. We lost it on the way home from a parade in the dark and retraced our steps several times, called the city lost and found to no avail. We came to the conclusion he had been as you said “tossed in the trash” Whomever picked “Russ” up had no idea how much love a two yr. old could have for that little red dog. He was given a few new “loveys” by a few nice people, even another red dog, but even the little red dog was no replacement. I am so sorry. And so sorry your car was broken into.

21 12 2012
People Are Good and Colby is Six « The Ear Wax Tastes Like Crayons Blog

[…] above are from many kind people who reached out to our family after our car break-in and subsequent dolphin crisis. None of them are Stinky, and so none of them are loved quite like Stinky, but they have all been […]

23 02 2013
yard dumpster

Fantastic blog! Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers?

I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m a little
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There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!

24 02 2013
Wendy Archibald

Yard dumpster–
I’ve blogged on both Blogspot/Blogger and WordPress. I think Blogspot is easier to start on; it seems to be more user-friendly in general. However, I like WordPress. There is a lot more you can do, and there are a lot more customization options. You don’t have to start by customizing things, though–they have templates that you don’t have to do a thing to use.

My suggestion is to start on a free platform. If you think you might go to a paid platform eventually, I’d probably go with WordPress, since that would make the transition to a paid option on their platform smooth and easy. But start free and decide if you even like it first.

Good luck! Let me know what your blog addy is when you get it figured out, and I’ll come and visit.


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